"Quality should be everyone's responsibility"
W. Edwards Deming
Frédéric Gagné
Software Quality Analyst
Frédéric Gagné

Mr. Gagné has been working in the software quality assurance field for eighteen years. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and had also been certified as a Software Quality Analyst by the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI).

He has a strong technical background and masters the software development life cycle. He has been involved in different projects where he played many roles. Indeed, he knows well the best software practices since he studies different quality standards and process frameworks such as IEEE, CMMI and ISO 12207.

Mr. Gagné has a strong knowledge about the testing process. He participated in the planning, design and automation of tests for n-tier architecture of distributed computing. He was the main coordinator in quality assurance and testing activities in many projects. He was also the Test Program Manager in a big project. He put in place agile development processes. He trained people on the quality assurance and test processes and implanted configuration management in development teams. He also intervened as a consultant in many quality assurance mandates.

Mr. Gagné is also very implicated in his professional community. He is the founding president of the Software Quality Practitioners Association.